Meditation And Huts

This evening I lay on my back, in a large field, with sheep and cows grazing all around. Sometimes it’s just good to get out and gaze at the sky for a bit. Laying on the ground can be restorative. Then homeward with every good intention to write a post about a chap who has posted about sitting meditation. But I followed links from an email and ended up in hut world and specifically shepherds huts!

Shepherds Huts? Yes, apparently they are found laying around in fields and are being lovely restored by a chap in Norfolk. Vote for Harry the Hut, the shepherds hut restoration project.

Thanks to Ian in Australia for writing about meditation and the journey to the cushion and to Angie for the shed/hut links. I await a photo of your allotment shed in happy anticipation. With you sitting in it?

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One thought on “Meditation And Huts”

  1. Two lovely links. Impacted nurse’s description made me look fwd to being on my zafu this evening. And the sheds- well, what came straight to mind was ‘Spirit of Place’ and meaning.

    I find it ‘good’ to be grounded to the earth and aware of the ‘heavens’ as they say. (Wo)Man suspended between the two.

    Feeling torn this way and that, both links somehow point to being present for me.

    Thanks for your effors in posting.

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