Meeting Life

Herdwick Lambs meet cattle grid. Langdale Valley
Herdwick Lambs meet cattle grid. Langdale Valley

How like life!
To move forward?
To tackle the obstacle?
To turn back?

Largely out of
conscious awareness
we face the obstacle
and move.

Or do a little dance
wonder and stall
in the end we move.

These large lambs in the Langdale Valley – wandered off to graze on the abundant green grass that is all around them. We say in one of our scriptures that the obstacles dissolve and in a fundamental sense they do. The point is  being  awake and notice what’s in front. And for that matter what’s all around and within – unimaginable to behold. There is no stationary place we inhabit. Not even when sitting still!

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2 thoughts on “Meeting Life”

  1. Beautiful picture…. & accompanying post! If we were driving together, this would have definitely made me yell, “stop”, so I could snap a photo. :) Thanks for sharing.

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