Living In North Norfolk

A brilliant altar set up in memory of Rev. Master Jiyu-Kennett. Rev. Jigen, my Dharma sister, was celebrant for the ceremony during a day retreat in north Norfolk.

Yep! There is a senior monk of our Order living in north Norfolk. We go way back to the early 1980’s at Shasta. As a new monk I’d volunteer to help her set up for ceremonies and clear away afterwards. Generations of monks have apprenticed with her since then. We all know the very first thing you do when setting up for a ceremony is take the altar apart and clean everything thoroughly. Cleaning everything thoroughly is a good start for most things when I think about it.

Please join with me in urging the Reverend to SET UP HER OWN WEBSITE! And if you are in Norfolk and want to learn to meditate I can put you in touch with her.

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4 thoughts on “Living In North Norfolk”

  1. Chris, glad you saw the photograph and post. Glad you are visiting Jade too.

    The site will come, simple to start with…perhaps Google Sites and then more as things develope. I’m glad to know you are with me/Rev. Jigen on this. Today would not be soon enough for you to get something up on the internet, just a page would be a good start. Perhaps the image of the altar…

  2. Dear Reverend Master Mugo,
    I remember seeing you and Reverend Jigen as you would pass through Berkeley on several trips/visits and stopping to chat, a great encouragement for my training. I always thought of you as The Bright Pair. Thanks! It’s the small gestures that sometimes have a great impact.

    In Gassho,

  3. Thanks Helmut. Our times in Berkeley were special and all of you coming to the Priory were part of what made our stay(s) special. We all felt very supported by the congregation generally.

    Yep! I remember stopping and chatting about this and that, we will have to do that again. Perhaps next year.

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