In Memory Of Mothers


Walking in the woods the other day I saw this berry, a Salmon Berry I think. I was tempted to pick and eat it, but didn’t. A woman who has recently died came to mind and decided to leave it there, in her memory. So here it is, for all to see. This could be a berry, an offering, for every mom. We all have one and whatever the relationship was/is like, the quality of nurturing for example, one can at the very least be grateful for being born into this world.

For Jack and family.

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One thought on “In Memory Of Mothers”

  1. My Mom’s “Celebration of Life” was on the 2nd. It was amazing to hear how many lives she had touched with her love, generosity and humor. I’ve been sleeping in her art studio and also feel so surrounded by her creativity and how she formed things with her hands and heart, even me, her son. And I have the feeling this will continue. I saw a quote from Van Gogh above her desk in the art studio: “The way to know life is to love many things.” That says much and is a good consolation for hurting hearts. And as you say, moms brought us into this world and that was one of the thoughts as I sat next to my Mom as she was dying, I felt such a huge surge from inside as I broke down into a heavy cry filled with gratitude and love and the thoughts that this woman brought me into this world, this woman cared for me that I might live. This woman is my Mom. Thank you for your thoughts.

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