Merit Offering

This was my private alter while I was in Edmonton, Canada. The statue is the Healing Buddha (AKA Bhaisajyagura)and the arrangements is somewhat how we set up alters in our tradition. This must have been taken around holiday time when it’s usual to add a bit more sparkle. I’d often put cards and letters I’d received on my altar for a few days. I particularly liked the flower card. Other traditions have different altars. The spirit, the place such an arrangement has is similar. In the end, and what ever you like to call it, ones private spiritual ‘nook’ is a focus for ones spiritual endeavours. I like ’em’.

In the hand of my statue is a piece of Lapis Lazuli, a gem stone particularly associated with the Healing Buddha. Both the statue and the Lapis were gifts from lay members, making the altar especially significant for me.

This posting is for my good friend in the Dharma who we thought was ‘out of the woods’ in terms of his health. Unfortunately he is back in the woods again, and struggling.

This evening I’m staying at one of our temples near Manchester. Tomorrow, onwards to Telford Buddhist Priory in the West Midlands, near Birmingham.

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2 thoughts on “Merit Offering”

  1. Sending positive energy to your friend. I hope all goes well. The alter is very beautiful. Always nice to have a peaceful place to rest the eyes.

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