Merit Traveling – Merit Living

High up in the Black Forest this afternoon, bright sunshine. Snow. Hang gliders jumping off a bank into the wind. ‘Want a ride’? he said. I smiled as it was ‘obviously’ a joke, but it wasn’t! Needless to say I stayed on the ground. We do, after all, have a rule not to take unnecessary risks. Riding pillion on a hang gliding flight? I think not. So glad to be a monk.

Tonight my mind is very much focused on my underlying spiritual intention. For this trip and life in general. Ultimately all efforts to put that into words, fail. Enough to say one endeavours to do ones very best. Which involves a lot of not doing.

Join in with me and add our best efforts together

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4 thoughts on “Merit Traveling – Merit Living”

  1. Ooooooh I would have found that offer sooo tempting! Hang-gliding. Hmmmmmmm.
    Your comments do strike home about the spiritual intention though. I am coming with you. I will be in your pocket please. :) Xx

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