Merit Walking

Fairy Steps, Arnside Cumbria.
Fairy Steps, Arnside Cumbria.

It is said
Don’t touch
The walls
And a wish
Is granted –
I guess.

A narrow pass
Made for fairies.
With wings
I’d say!
Too narrow a pass –
For mortals.

Life takes
The narrow pass
When wings
and a ‘prayer’
Is all there is –

stone wall gate
As one walks from field to field squeezing through these constructions are a constant reminder of how tight and constricted life circumstances can become. Mentally, physically, emotionally. And the need to carry on into the field beyond and the one beyond that.

These past couple of days I’ve taken advantage of the fine weather to walk in the local area. One of the must visit places are the Fairy Steps. A narrow and precipitous stair-way down (or up) a limestone wall. (this walk gives an idea of what it looks like around here – the walk includes the Fairy Steps too).

A thought for all those who are currently climbing through a ‘narrow pass’ in their lives.

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3 thoughts on “Merit Walking”

  1. Beautiful pics and what a great walk it must be! Wonderful connections between the visual / written word and the reality of life’s many “constrictions”.

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