Message From The Middle Of The River Eden

From The Middle Of The River Eden from Mugo on Vimeo.

A message at the start of my travels to Germany and North America. Wishing that we all may know stability such as a rock in a river knows; able to move and be still, be content, commune with like minded friends and above all know the flowing river.

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5 thoughts on “Message From The Middle Of The River Eden”

  1. A good start to your journey! And how wonderful to know that you have a stop here among us in Germany. Have you already walked along the Teinach stream? When I go to the Temple and arrive at the train station, it is always my favorite way to get to the Temple, by simply walking along the Teinach, about 4 km…it is a good way to let the noise of the big city and a bit of the noise in my head to be washed away by the happily, bubbling brook. See ya’ in about two weeks!

  2. A spectacular, 100% Cumbrian flow of water. The River Eden is one of the few large rivers that flow Northward. It flows through some magnificent places of antiquity and history.

    It is a good place to start any journey. Appleby and Kirkby Stephen are very close to me and sadly I have not been there for a while. There are many folk who want Westmorland to be reinstated as it is steeped in history. How best to start a part of your own history than in such a flow. Rivers are magical things that bring some folk together and separate others, they are brought together by working together on both sides. And brilliant for playing Pooh Sticks.

  3. Well, what a ‘good’ post to start a journey with! Much teaching there. Without as much outer stability and direction as might be my preference. My own zazen has certainly been full of monkey mind, but it all flows on like it or not and at least there are aspects of inner stability, inner rock, calm in the storm.

    Have a fab trip!

  4. Dave, you appreciate the situation I find myself in in terms of ‘outer stability. Not an easy ‘place’ to be however on a certain level it is just perfect, just as it is. Go carefully and yes, I’ll have a fab trip! You too ay.

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