Mind a Blank.

During the day as I get on and off buses, walk round temples, eat meals etc. small events catch my attention and I think ‘now that would be good to write about’, however now faced with the blank screen…my mind goes blank!

Being in the presence of 1001 statues of Kanzeon and about that many school children was interesting and memorable. The power of that many images of Kanzeon completely over-took everything else going on in the hall. It was deeply moving.

Sitting gazing out across raked gravel and rocks at Ryoanji’s famous zen rock garden was equally moving. There is no explaining it, I could have sat there all day even with the crowds rising and falling around me.

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4 thoughts on “Mind a Blank.”

  1. I am very glad to know that both of you are fine and going on a pilgrimage to so many temples in connection with Zen Masters Dogen, Koho-chisan, and Jiyu- Kenett so on.
    I visited only few temples of them before so that I am stimulated by your pilgrimage which is very busy trip.
    You have been busy all day long, and after you might revise your expression carefully until late evening.
    I also appreciate your deep faith in Buddhism and respect in your Masters.
    I hope you will carry out your project successfully.
    I am looking forward to see you again at Fukuju-in.

    Sincerely yours,
    Fumiko SHIMIZU

  2. Everyday (sometimes several times) I look for a new entry and if there is not one, I read an entry that there is. There is joy in this. It is as if I walk with you and feel the solidity of Buddhism and the intertwining of the Dharma roots.

  3. Mount Hiei brought back memories: the same route, cold, drizzle, the sound of the temple bell from afar, a distinct sense of the haunted or sacred. Your writing gives me much to think about. Safe travels.

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