Mini Golf Shanklin, I.O.W

I have a flickr account where you can see what I’ve seen.

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2 thoughts on “Mini Golf Shanklin, I.O.W”

  1. Dear Rev Mugo, with regards to on line photo storage, if you use google picasa then you can link/copy photos directly to blogger since they are both google sites. just a thought, I use both and find them very easy and good to use. best wishes, Elrond

  2. Thanks Elrond. I use Picasa and like it a lot, especially the photo editing which is really easy to do. I’ve been tinkering with Flickr because I want to share more of the pictures I take. Trouble is it is painfully slow to upload the files, or I’ve not quite got the hang of it yet. Oh, are you telling me Picasa has an online storage? I’ll take a look at that one. While I’m talking I sugest people go and take a look at Elrond’s poems. There is a link to ones inspired by visits to Throssel.

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