Mistaken Action and Dynamic Acceptance – Dharma Talk

The other day, Wednesday, it was my turn to give a talk to the resident lay people at Throssel. Quite an informal setting and there were perhaps four people present. I recount my experience of trying to rescue a baby Harbour Seal on a beach in Southern Oregon. That was probably 2008.

Rev. Mugo tells an unwise animal rescue story to illustrate the teaching of the Three Pure Precepts. Cease from habitual action; do that which is good; be good for others and respond with dynamic acceptance. She also gives a wider definition of vocation and the importance of learning from one’s mistakes.

Mistaken Action and Dynamic Acceptance.  The talks lasts under 20 mins. Hope it is of interest and help in understanding the Three Pure Precepts.

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4 thoughts on “Mistaken Action and Dynamic Acceptance – Dharma Talk”

  1. Thank you for this teaching. It made me question more deeply what I do. Now that I am retired I do a lot of voluntary work because I want to help and to serve, yet the motivation and clarity (or lack of) can ‘sabotage’ what we do. Not so long back I spent 18 months working on an animal reserve in Argentina. The people there were amazingly dedicated and selfless. In light of this teaching I do now wonder if it was the best thing to have saved all the animals. One example was an eagle, no longer able to fly, being in a large cage. Was it a life worth being prolonged in that way for such a big creature now confined and unable to be himself? I have no answer but you made me consider more deeply.

    1. Yes Charlie, bringing up that memory of the Seal has done the same for me. And to remember to pause longer before acting. Not only around animals but generally. I’ve spent a good portion of this afternoon sitting and resting and napping. Good to stop.

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