Moments in a Momentous Day

Sometimes it’s hard to remember just what happened in the hours since rising from my bed, at 5.30 am this morning. In many ways a momentous day. Here’s how it went, in brief:-

Meditation, walking meditation, meditation, precenting morning service (decide to sing names of ancestors as if I loved each one of them), apron on, speed around the kitchen until lunch with a break for community tea (convoluted conversation but can’t remember what about). Tofu Pot Pie, rice salad, greens, yogurt, and Crabapple Puree (relieved that pie cooked in time, sad I forgot to include Marmite – few noticed)!

Walk on bottom road, sun out, high wind, take in the landscape (remember the moonlit walk a few nights ago). 2.00 pm (realize been up and active for over 8 hours). Rest.  Tea. An hour and a half Skype support call (once again amazed at how resilient the human spirit is in the face of early adversity). Missed Medicine Meal, rescue some soup from the kitchen, made some white toast. Eat in my room.

Coming up to 7.00 pm. Catch the start of the announcement of lockdown starting midnight Thursday (all very grave and history-making). (much quipping on-line about the delay in the announcement, originally scheduled for 5.00 pm. ‘They know Strictly Come Dancing starts at 7.10’, right?) (Love British humour.)

Meditation. (moon full, cold on face, wind assaulting trees in the paddock, what a racket!). Shower, put out clean clothes (prep for Founders Day tomorrow). Offer incense for a couple (tonight is their last night in their now sold house. They move to Belgium on Tuesday, to live on a boat. (I am beyond words at what they are doing – respect).

My mind goes big; reflecting on lives and the impact of what’s ahead for humanity (wonder if my routine eye check-up will be canceled, again). Find myself especially grateful for running hot water, (so much to be grateful for.)

Humanity? Must remember to sing each name as if I loved each one. Goodnight Jade readers, time to turn in. Be safe, be well.

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10 thoughts on “Moments in a Momentous Day”

    1. Oh good, glad you spotted that post. I tend to leave ‘solutions’ for readers to work out from reading about my experiences, but sometimes maybe my experiences and talking about them might confuse. Or even mystify. Certainly, many people have said they felt encouraged to hear that I, a monk, have run away thoughts.

  1. So dismayed at yesterday’s announcement. Having to cancel visit to my mum. Lovely message this morning from Sangha friend, suggesting we use this month as retreat time. Organising a daily meditation schedule with her, later today. Will post on our Cirencester meditation WhatsApp group – it is called ‘The Gateless Gate’. We did the same in the previous lockdown, it was immensely helpful.
    Gratitude for your post, Rev. Mugo. In gassho.

  2. What a lovely post! I loved the bit about the Ancestors. I struggle with pronouncing some of the names – not always, just when my brain doesn’t seem in sync with my mouth – and that is sort of what I do. I tell myself to slow down and think of them as real people. Sort of, ‘Hello, Makakashyo!’ with hands in gassho.
    I also liked the point when you suddenly realised that you had been up and active for over 8 hours. I do that. I suddenly wonder why I’m feeling a bit bleary and realise that I’ve been on the go for hours, so that’s why!
    I really liked the bit about Strictly! Confession: I actually talked to the TV set last evening and said. ‘Come on Boris, it’s nearly time for Strictly!’ Again, lovely post. Really appreciated. Thank you! _/\_

  3. What a blessing indeed is hot water especially at this time of year when the Atlantic storms move in and temperatures drop.
    Here in Ireland we are into week 3 of a 6 week national virus lockdown.
    Fortunately no electricity cuts due to the last storm although some further west. A thought for the people who go out in all weathers to repair disrupted power lines, and indeed make possible the continuity of hot water ! Thank you.

  4. Dear Rev Mugo
    Gratitude for your posts!
    wow your days are incredibly full, great to hear about your daily life as a monk with OBC.
    Just read your confidence post – helpful.
    Im still missing Rev Myfanwy of course!
    I definitely have her voice & smile in my mind from time to time.
    Sending love from Cornwall
    & bows
    Nic Yaffey

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