Mood Slides in Fading Light

SAD.  Slowly as the light of the world dims, starting around about now, Seasonal Affective Disorder settles in for the long haul towards Spring. That’s April for the fortunate.

The leaves fall from the trees in profusion and at first all seems fine. It’s Autumn, the colours are brilliant – red, gold, orange, browns of every hue. But the sun rays are weak and for those who are prone to SAD need to supplement with extra light to keep away those all too familiar Winter Blues. For some the situation moves past feeling low to being more or less dysfunctional.

This post is for a friend in Canada who is heading into the SAD season vowing to keep up a regular meditation practice every day and to supplement with light each morning. One can get lonely in the low light time. Depression is isolating. Pain is isolating. Know you are not alone. I for one will be drinking in extra light each morning and offering merit for all who suffer.

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6 thoughts on “Mood Slides in Fading Light”

  1. Thank you for this post, Mugo. Sending love from your great-niece in Michigan. I always enjoy reading your posts. :)

  2. For me, I have found doing exercise in the week day evenings like tai chi or yoga , and long walk on a Sunday plus extra vit D tablets have helped . . Otherwise it really is like lights out at 6pm . I wish the clocks would go forward on the 1 march . I don’t understand why we wait until April to do this . Namaste Richard

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