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There is authority, authenticity, a certain ‘power’ that comes from personal insights. I’m privileged to receive such insights, frequently.

My correspondent below speaks from personal experience in response to a message where I describe the difficulties I’ve been having with my arm/shoulder.

I  hope the following inspires you, helps you as it has me as I journey on.

Yes, it is good to avoid resisting the pain if, at all possible, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t do things to take your mind off the pain. Activities, meds, anything that can help take your mind off the pain, even momentarily, should not be seen as a distraction, it is a way to expand awareness, which I believe it is an integral part of dealing with physical pain and helping the body heal as much as possible. This is because the bodily sensation of pain is occurring within us, it is only through the narrowing of awareness that it appears we are within the pain. Expanding awareness establishes the fact that we are much bigger than the pain. Of course, this doesn’t make the pain go away, but it does make it less sizable relative to our being.

A huge thankyou to all those who have sat beside me during this yes, rather difficult time, and for the help and informed advice too. All appropriate, all helpful. And my own insight?

If one keeps on doing
the same thing,
one gets
the same result!

From the subtle
to the gross
mental, emotional or physical
Pain motivates.

We are looking at habit here. Obviously.

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5 thoughts on “Motivation”

  1. Thank you for the reminder,about pain,how it hinders,how it helps….
    I do wish you well,and hope your pain is easing.


  2. Dear Rev Mugo

    thank you for the insights on pain writing & photograph of the shrine.

    Sending you much love and hoping you are feeling better.

    Deep bows

  3. So Rev Mugo I really hope your pain and discomfort and mobility are improving by now. Who knew marmalade could be such a game changer?
    It brought back memories for me of four years ago when I broke my right arm in three places in a moments slip on black ice. I remember the shock, pain and frustration of having life altered so much so quickly. But then you know all about the too with your poor leg some years ago.
    I try not to forget or take too much for granted the simplest things in life, the ability to get dressed and undressed, go to the toilet, sleep without pain, butter a piece of toast, (very difficult one handed )and so many other things.
    Many good wishes for a speedy and complete recovery. 🙏

    1. Oh goodness, Adrienne. I can’t top arm broken in three places. How on earth did you cope I’m wondering. Yes, not taking anything for granted. And appreciating little things as you point out. I remember the joy and pleasure of washing my hands in warm water after crutching it to the loo (an adventure in itself). And remember especially you coping with me in your home. Grounded! Not my happy place especially since my dad had just died and I was in shock. We will have to get together this year to swap memories.

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