Mountain Air, Deep Lake

Castle Lake, Northern California
Castle Lake, Northern California

Castle Lake is over 100 ft at it’s deepest point. I’ve been swimming in it but not today. Brrr, it was cold up there 5,440 ft above sea level. An odd sense of airy mystery hung about the place. There is history here, violent history from over 100 years ago, which I’ll not go into. Enough to say this majestic place leaves one a bit unsettled. Perhaps it was the odd and unexplainable sound which emanated from the rocks across the water. Somewhere between a moan and…well, who knows what! However it was good to be out and about with my monastic walking companion. There is little time left for our walks together before I catch the train north early Tuesday morning and today was a welcome change of pace. Especially since, remembered half way through our time together, it is the anniversary of each of our fathers deaths this day. We sat and remembered them over a cuppa sitting outside in the sun.
There has been little time these past days to post here. Unfortunately. Each day I intend to write and yet by the end of the day I’ve not done so. My justification and truth is that ‘people come before posts’ and so I’ve spent a good deal of energy, gladly, walking and talking and drinking tea and visiting and listening.

Thank you for your patience.

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4 thoughts on “Mountain Air, Deep Lake”

    1. Dear Jessica,
      Thanks for your supporting me in my ‘people before posts’ intention. There has been a huge number of ‘people’ these past days, weeks actually. All good however I always have the blog and readers in the back of my mind and the wish is to not leave it too very long between posts. However that’s the way it has had to be recently. Long gaps between posts.

    1. And thank you Jeffrey. Twas a lovely day out with my ‘walking companion’ and it is sad to be saying goodby to her and to all the people I know and love here in the USA. Flying to Vancouver tomorrow.

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