Movement And Rest

A bike of delight done out in crochet, Cockermouth, Cumbria

Small space for small people with brisk (AKA slide) escape route

Living willow hut for children.

Yes I was out and about yesterday on a trip to charming Cockermouth to attend a half day retreat at the Friends Meeting House. As I sat in meditation with the group a retreat location from years ago came to mind. It was particular to say the least! Set at the end of a swimming pool in a conservatory where we all got blasted by the heat of the sun! That was rural Leicestershire around the late 1990’s. No particular reason for this to come to mind at this time.

Then we all got up and joined in a circle to have tea and for me to do a talk. And lo! A late arrival, a woman, smiled at me and I smiled back. We knew each other. From the retreat in Leicestershire! Such strange coincidences happen don’t they. And regularly for me of late.

We talked about the importance of having a place in ones living space to ‘land’ for moments of repose between activities. Then we went out into the garden of the Friends Meeting House and found the two child shelters. Children appreciate small spaces, small enough to house their size and to play in. Later a woman told me her place to sit is in her greenhouse.

The bicycle just HAD to be photographed! I’m wondering if anybody actually rides it around town.

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