Narrow Path – Unbroken World

On days of sorrow I live in complete sorrow
On days of happiness I live in absolute happiness
I have walked step by step with simplicity and diligence
so now a hint of truth is in my view
Nobody lends a hand if you do not find it by yourself
This travel on a narrow path has been difficult but
I have a glimpse of an unbroken world.
With gratitude
Jukich Yagi

Last evening at the Lancaster Meditation Group the donation was wrapped up in a sheet of paper. This morning taking the offering out of the Alms Bowl and unwrapping it I found this translation of a poem.

The unknown translator of this poem from the original Japanese wrote the following notes: The lecturer (on Philosophy of Education) told us that it was necessary to concentrate on the sadness/sorrow and it was important not to change it into grumbling or hatred or any other emotion. Without realizing it, when we are sad, we might end up complaining bitterly about something which actually should not be the issue. Nobody will be able to cure your soreness in your heart however at least you can give a cry. You can express yourself. The best thing is that you remain ‘clean’ and ‘pure’ in your own heart, which in itself might move someone. Keep your mind concentrated. Don’t (allow yourself to) be bothered by what your other emotions are saying. The most wonderful thing you can do for people is to really be one in yourself.

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One thought on “Narrow Path – Unbroken World”

  1. Which pretty well sums up what you spoke about at that meeting. How people’s states of mind can rub off on us and conversly, how our states of mind can rub off onto others.

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