Nature – Kangaroos – Video

Let the sights and sounds in this video fill our hearts and may we offer spiritual merit to all those involved in the forest fires currently raging in Austraila.

“Sunday Morning” takes us to the beach in Australia, among kangaroos fleeing forest fires that have been ravaging the country. Videographer: Harry Clapson.

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2 thoughts on “Nature – Kangaroos – Video”

    1. Dear Chris, Watch it as if you were looking at the wall in meditation. Not hanging on, not pushing away. Anything. As I said on FB when I posted the link to this post, Again from the American magazine program Sunday Morning – the segment from the show for quiet contemplation – a soundscape, with creatures. In this case Kangaroos by the ocean. No voice, no humans.

      Those critters can do with all the merit we can offer, they are us, we are them. Offering merit works because we are not separate, fundamentally. You know that.

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