A Nest Of Schnauzers

Jim and Nancy have been on an animal rescue mission to the central valley, California. They now have Annie another schnauzer to keep Muji company. Of all the interesting road trips they have taken this one was the least dramatic (no deaths, or near deaths) and they came back with a bundle of fun too.

Annie, on the left, and Muji during a stop for fuel

One half-hour or so later and Muji and Annie are lying down, butt to butt. Another hour or so, Annie is laying her head on Muji’s leg without complaint. They sit up in unison when we stop for gas.

Finally, we are home. Everyone’s exhausted. A bit numb, we check in with the neighbor, feed the dogs, feed ourselves. Too tired to talk much, Nancy and I curl up on the bed with Muji and Annie. Just for awhile, of course. But it doesn’t take long to drift off in the nest of schnauzers while wondering how life will change.

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