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Our cook here at Throssel pointed me to a blog written by the cook at Harnham Monastery AKA as Aruna Ratanagiri Buddhist Monastery. He is a layman and he updates every Friday. There are wonderful photographs and the blog opens an intimate window on the practical life of the monastery. Every week is listed what foods are needed as well, sometimes, what they have enough of. Obviously this is more of an ‘in-house’ blog however I think I’ll be nipping over to Harnham on a Friday. At the moment the cook appears to be on holiday. Ours is taking a break too.Here below is news from August 10th. Did we have sunshine then? We are not that distant from one another although I often think we have our very own weather system in this valley.

The retreat that was impending last week is today nearing its close. Outside, we’re into our fifth day of sunshine, contrary to my pessimistic predictions; and also those of our Italian friend who dug a protective moat for his tent in the manicured lawn of the walled garden: When our resident greenkeeper finds out, ‘il signor’ could be the first casualty of the week.

That is, if you don’t count the spectacular demise of the best porcelain cups (which shattered yesterday’s silence and for which I offer further apologies to Meme and Drew); or the following list of minor battle wounds thus far accrued:

One sprained shoulder (yoga teacher)
One twisted ankle (yoga student?)
One bee sting to the nose
One case of constipation (set free with prunes)
One case of earache (unrelated to the comfort of the new Dhamma seat)
Numerous minor kitchen burns.

This all sounds so familiar.

And should you be interested there is a download page on the monastery site. One download program gives you a random verse from the Dhammapada each time you boot up your computer. For daily inspiration.

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5 thoughts on “News from the Kitchen”

  1. Well folks, I’m not able to get into my account to make posts. So all of my thoughts will have to remain with me for the moment. Hopefully all will return to normal soon.

  2. Hi Elrond,
    Glad you liked the link to the daily Dhammapada quote programme.

    BTW I never did get to answer your comment left a number of days ago. Yes, you probably did see me on the cloister when you were here. I left for Manchester on the Saturday afternoon.

    Please, anybody, if you are coming here for a retreat or to a festival ceremony drop me a line. It is a real treat to meet readers, if you want to say hi to me that is!

  3. Oh ok cool! I totally forgot about your blog before I went there or I would’ve let you know and then it only came to mind that it might have been you I saw after I went past! Next time! :)

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