No Bad Stuff

If you get a chance to watch The Worlds Fastest Indian I’d take it. You will no doubt be waiting in suspense, as I was, for something bad to happen, but it doesn’t. Nothing bad happens at all. I think that’s it really, it shows how conditioned one is to bad stuff happening.
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One thought on “No Bad Stuff”

  1. When I woke up…it was raining and the wind was blowing…I was a bit grumpy…when I got on my bike and started to ride there was an opening in the clouds and the morning ride was very pleasant to work…I didn’t feel like teaching this morning…thought it would be a long morning…then my students were there and told of the fun they had during the holidays and the morning whizzed by!…no bad stuff happened this morning…although I was prepared for it! :0)

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