A Proclamation – Not For Cats

This is in memory of Chester who died nearly two years ago. He was a lovely dog and apparently he could sing! This video is for your dog, or children but most definitely not for you cat(s).

Chester ‘Singing’ from Mugo on Vimeo.

There is nothing like a dog howling. I loved to howl along with our dog as a child. He would sit at the door wanting to go out and we would sit there together. Howling. Yes, I did encouraging him but it didn’t take much to get him going. There is something to penetrating sound and we use it in Buddhism. I’m thinking of the Conch shell used during the last ceremony of Jukai. The Ceremony of Recognition.

It is said that the sound of the Conch penetrates the far reaches of the Universe. It is an exclamation, an exaltation. To sound a proclamation that these people have received the Precepts and become Buddha. Dear Chester is proclaiming however I’m not sure what exactly. Hope you and your dog(s) enjoy the video.

On the theme of sounds. A monastic friend announced his new word as we ate our lunch together today. Xylophonically, to speak xylophonically means to sound like rattling wood. (Xylo apparently means wood.) Rather like how one might sound sporting wooden teeth! However the definition can be expanded but I’m not going there….

There must be a word that describes the sound of the Conch, and dogs singing. Xylophonic I think not!

Many tributes to Chester were attached as comments to the Post Animal Rescue- Animal Friends.

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4 thoughts on “A Proclamation – Not For Cats”

  1. Hi Reverend Mugo,

    I trust that all’s well with you?

    Interesting to hear this ‘singowling’. A definite example of ‘instantagiousness’ that has aspects of release, offering, pure unfiltered expression – and longing. Puts me in mind of the improvisational ‘singing’ (that I might have once described to you as ‘shouting’) that’s often come out in performance or practice/impro sessions.

    Very interesting stuff on your blog. I enjoy wordplay, powerful images and pure expression – thank you!

    All is good here. Gentle preparations for the Retreat on the 17th are underway.

    In gassho


  2. By coincidence, yesterday I changed my desktop picture to one of Chester sitting in a lovely field of dandelions. I think the picture is one that you posted some time ago. Sorry that I can’t download Chester’s “singing” with my slow connection. My (indoor-only) cat, Sam, would not have liked it I’m sure. Sam gives his own version of singing occasionally, especially to let me know that the visiting raccoons have arrived in the backyard. :-)
    Doris in Georgia, USA

  3. Doris, how good it is to see you here. In the video Chester was singing, and singing. That’s all. I’m sorry you are not able to download videos. I’m conscious of that though and sometimes wonder about my posting videos at all, not wanting anybody to be left out. But I’ve continue to do some short ones of my talking head. Which reminds me, I’d better do another ones soon.

    I’m glad you have a cat, there are still a lot of them stalking around the monastery.

  4. Thanks Andy for leaving this comment and for your vote of support. I’m glad you find the content here interesting. I was just looking back over the years of posting, trying to find a picture of a particular tree with no luck yet. There is quite a variety of stuff. Have a good retreat. Hope to see you all before the end of the year.

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