Not To Get Ahead

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  1. How delightful it is to see and hear you all at once! Many thanks, and a Happy New Year– all in the present moment of course . . .

  2. Greetings Rev. Mugo.
    How Lovely to hear you and see you this morning.
    I am sure it will be a big hit amongst your readers.
    Best wishes for the new year.

  3. Yes, how wonderful to hear from you Emlyn. Your comment is a gift. Thank you. So far there have been quite a few viewings.

    I do wonder about those people without a fast enough connection though. I’d like to transcribe what’s said however that’s a bit more than I can get to this morning.

  4. The beauty of voice. What a gift that is, to give voice. There is so much that comes along with that ‘giving voice’. As tempted as I am to go on about that I had better get on with my day. Thank you Julie for leaving the comment and hope you are well.

  5. Thanks Adrienne. Yes the wonder of technology and the human ability to gather up enough ‘bottle’ to walk through what we fondly call ‘obstacles’.

    Doing this video did show me how the obstacles disolve, and disolve and…. And do you know I was having this vision of filming you at the sewing machine running up this and that fabulous item.

    Happy New Year to you and yours.

  6. What a delightful surprise to see you and hear your voice with my first mug of tea this morning! Thank you.
    In gassho,

  7. Merry Christmas Rev. Mugo!
    Loved this video message – it’s nice to put your voice to your words…and the snowy background was nice too :-)
    Hope you are well, and everyone else at Throssel.


  8. Love the ‘awesome’ accolade Pascal. I am well. Just got that filming in yesterday before the weather turned decidedly wrap around grey. More snow this afternoon however it didn’t stop me walking up to the T junction and then back to see the four little piglets growing larger every day. We kinda want them not to get too big too fast, because we know where their future lies. Not our piglets obviously.

    Everybody here seems well. Guests arrive for the New Year Retreat tomorrow.

  9. I’m delighted to see a comment from you. All this encouragement around the video makes me…makes me wonder about doing more. I will leave it at the wondering stage and go and have some supper.

    Happy New Year to you and all in Northern California. Hope you are weller.

  10. Hi Reverend Mugo,

    Seasons Greetings,

    Thanks for your support, your help and your example this year.

    Thanks again for Jade Mountains.

    With best wishes for the New Year,

    In Gassho,

    Andi _/\_

    PS: Love the vid idea :-)

  11. This vid has certainly brought out the people onto the street. Thanks and glad to hear from both/all of you. Hope to be seeing you, and possibly + you, before I leave for North America.

    Vids ‘r us then. So be it.

  12. To be honest Andi I went into the settings on Vimeo and changed them so YOU could download to your iTouch. That is how certain I was that you would be thinking about grabbing and showing it around to ‘those others’ who don’t get their hands dirty.

    Yep, I am glad you climbed aboard. Thanks for the thanks.

  13. Well, the friends and relatives have departed after days of socializing, community cooking and cleaning, story telling and music. Their departure left that familiar trail of satisfaction and sadness, that rich sense of fullness and emptiness.

    And then that open feeling of: what’s the next step? Why a beach walk, of course. On the way out the door, we checked in on Jade and were thrilled with your video presence. Thank you!

    It was a quiet, reflective beach walk in a light drizzle. The sun broke through and a double rainbow burst into full blossom. Very nice indeed!

    You’ve walked this beach, and hopefully will again, and you were definitely in our hearts at that sight. The heart smiles in so many ways.

    Be well.

    With Love, Jim, Nancy, and Muji

  14. I remember beach walks as being ‘atmospheric’, as well as bright and clear at other times. Double rainbow sounds magical, thanks for painting the picture.

    Love to be beside the sea and will be glad to be beach walking with you three sometime next year. If all goes to plan.

  15. It was great to see and HEAR you on Jade Mountains, it certainly brings you right into our homes. Exactly a year ago I was able to have a very cold walk with you but didn’t have the snow that was making a wonderful backdrop to your video.

    Yesterday I was up on Dartmoor at Hound Tor, no snow but a lot of ice and bitterly cold. The moor was very beautiful and a lot of people had made the effort to get up and enjoy the wide open space and wildness that us city dwellers sometimes need to be able to breathe deeply. With the two friends I went with and Archie the dog we sat in the car at the end of the afternoon watching the sunset and listening to Bob Dylans Christmas Album and eating chocolates! A good way to spend a late winters afternoon.

    Thanks for your blog and the teachings you give and the glimpses of other worlds and the many varied lives of other Sangha members.

    In Gassho

    Adrienne Pitman

  16. Thank you so much for leaving a comment Adrienne. THE Adrienne as far as I am concerned. (The other Adrienne is THE Adrienne too…) The image of you eating chocolates listening to Bob Dylan up on Dartmoor fills me with smiles.

    Yes, I remember our chilly walk last year. It is a grief that we don’t have the opportunity to be in the same place at the same time so very often these days. Visits to Throssel provide little space for the simple ‘hanging out’ that has typified my visits to your home and family. I’m glad you liked the vid. You know me well enough to know what doing that took.

    Happy New Year Adrienne, to you and your family.

  17. Hi Rev Mugo

    It was great to check on Jade Mountains and see and hear you, especially since our move up to Shetland. I do hope you can make it a regular feature :o)

    In gassho


  18. Yep, it is a long way to Shetland and you won’t be able to come down here that often. I will see how it goes with the vid project. Stay warm up there.

  19. Jumping in a bit behind the others, but “better late than never”, to say how nice it was to view your vid and hear your thoughtful words. Happy New Year from Northern California (a couple hours drive from the Abbey). I still wear and treasure the Bodhi leaf pendant you sent me last year– another cause for gratitude…

    In gassho,

    Jeannine (from Weaverville)

  20. They say a picture (or is it a flower?) is worth a thousand words of text and it feels about the same order of magnitude to hear what someone has to say rather than read what they have to write.

    Hope you do some more of them Rev. Mugo

    in gassho

  21. Thanks Jeanine. Glad you connected to the words as well as the audio/visual. Somebody said the matter of ‘being ahead of oneself’ would make a good Dharma Talk. I could probably talk on the matter for quite a long time…

    Hope the roads are clear of ice and snow and are safe around where you are. We are still in the midst of snow and ice.

  22. Greetings!

    Looking forward, along with all the others, to see and hear your teaching using this video format.

    With bows and in gassho.

  23. Yep, I think it was a picture worth a thousand words. I like what you have to say here Iain. And you would be sensitive around words and speaking right now would you not. Hope all goes well with the theses. Errr, I’ll have to get stuck into that last chapter.

  24. Heart warming to see you here. I hope life is not too difficult weather wise where you are.

    I will do my level best to muster the ‘bottle’ to stand afront a camera again and speak. Goodness knows if I have anything to teach though.

    I got out the camcorder I bought back in Singapore in 2005 yesterday. Bought with the intention of what we did the other day. Thought I might have blown it up connecting the charging cable the wrong way round i.e. got the polarities mixed up. Resilient little beasts these cameras, no smoke no flames! Could have gotten out the instruction manual – I guess!

  25. ….partiularly glad to see you here Chris. Look after my good friend and Dharma Sister wont you. I know you do.

  26. Dear Rev Mugo

    What a lovely message!! I really do hope that it will become a regular feature, it is lovely to have you beamed into my home and my heart.

    ( definatley no make-up required with those nice rosy cheeks ;) )

    Thank you for a wonderful retreat.



  27. How lovely to see your smiling face….just as I had imagined you! Your cold weather duplicates our cold weather (here in Alberta, Canada). But I’m told it makes for a ‘hardy’ character. What a nice reminder to not get ahead of oneself….it’s something I can ‘remind’ myself of. Happy New Year to you!

  28. Bev, I am really glad to have made the connection and I hope you do come back regularly and visit – and leave comments too.

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