Not Overly Pious

There is a certain something about this small group of enclosed nuns who have recently moved from a Gothic ‘pile’ in the south to a purpose built (eco friendly) convent in Yorkshire. Listening to them on Radio 4, hearing their down to earth and straight forward answers was warming. Because? They blow the Nun stereotype right out of the cloister window. And without trying too. The are just themselves.

Eco Nuns- Janet Wilson reports on the Benedictine Nuns in a new state of the art environmental monastery.
Sunday: Religious News on Radio 4…on Sunday.

Podcast… Unfortunately the pod cast only stays on-line for a week, and the week is already up.

The above news item was a follow-up from last weeks Sunday religious news program which I’d listened to. Most memorable was talk of a giant car-boot sale as well as the nun contemplating the bed in her cell. The hope was she’d get the same one since she was used to it. But the tin cross on her wall was what she really wanted to come with her. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not overly pious! Loved that nun.

More news of these forward thinking nuns and several charming black and white photographs too.

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