Not The Center of the Universe

Ty Canol, West Wales.
Ty Canol, West Wales. Once home to a cave dwelling hermit.

I was just about to take a long breath and complain about the basic minor burdens of every day life. It has been another long day ending with a long Skype call to America where it’s their lunch time and my bedtime! Then I remembered coming across this video called This Is Water in which the point is made that we are not the center of our own small universe. And we can exercise choice to think differently rather than, when the chips are down, go to our center-of-the-universe default setting. The animated video uses the first part of the now famous commencement speech given by the late David Foster Wallace. The Guardian published the entire speech back in 2008 soon after David Wallace died. He took his own life. Tragic story.

Hat tip to Future Health 2020 where I found the video.

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One thought on “Not The Center of the Universe”

  1. This resonates well. Thngs get in the way and my own personal paradise is hindered. But none of us is an island.

    I know I have to remain alert to avoid falling into that “default setting”. Not easy.


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