An Old Friend

From a coaster…

He knows not where he’s going
For the ocean will decide –
It’s not the DESTINATION…
…It’s the glory of THE RIDE

Edward Monkton

This quote was mentioned while sitting over a cool cup of tea with an old friend on Sunday. Thanks Friend. I had a look at Edward Monkton’s website. There are certainly some zany thoughts coming out of Mr. Monkton. I’m left scratching my head a bit….

Anyway I am posting this quote because it reminds me of the happy Sunday meeting. Twenty years it’s been. How fortunate we are to have shared training in the Way – and can still share a joke, and talk about the important thing.

Thought I was
done with going about.
But I was wrong.

A week of here and there
only to come back again
to rest and hopeful repose.

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2 thoughts on “An Old Friend”

  1. Hi Reverend Mugo

    I too looked up Edward Monckton’s website. Some of his stuff certainly is zany, quite a lot of tickled me. The cartoon that accompanies the Zen Dog quote is a cracker.

    On the italicised “important thing” referred to in your post, there is a dharma talk (one of the very many excellent talks on the site by RM Meian and others) on the following link. It is entitled “remembering the important thing”. It is about 12th from the bottom.

    I imagine that most of your readership are already familiar with the above site, as Jade Mountain already links to it. I also guess that many of the talks on the site are essentially pointing to the same thing but the one mentioned above made a good connection, for me at least, with the original post.



  2. Thanks Andy for the ‘heads up’ on the talk by Rev. Master Meian. I must take the time to listen to some of those talks. I inserted a shortened URL into your comment even though the one you left worked just fine. Just like to see the shorties, call me particular. See you soon if you are the Andy I think you are.

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