Old Hands New Ways

In conjecturing what may be, men set before them the examples of what has been, and divine of the new with an imagination preoccupied and coloured by the old; which way of forming opinions is very fallacious; for streams that are drawn from the springhead of nature do not always run in the old channels.
Francis Bacon, Novum Organum, C1X

See this article on impermanence. And also see The Manchester Hermit who pointed to this article.

Phew! And now I see this article. The Hermit is pondering hands… Good job I will not have the time today, or this week-end, to leave a comment! I’m helping to move a temple from one house to another. I’ll be using my hands, which by the way, are wonderfully connected to the rest of me! I hope I use them with this connection in mind.

More on hands, and working meditation another time.

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4 thoughts on “Old Hands New Ways”

  1. A very good article, if you ask me…it seemed to speak to something quite deep inside.

    Ah well, back to the washing up.

    All the best,


  2. Accepting impermanence is one of the most powerful lessons Buddhism has to teach. During my years studying zen, I could never quite get my head around this lesson. Lately, however, I’m getting it. It took a river to finally teach me.

    Our river changes every year. Just as I get attached to how it looks and feels this summer, it’s gone with the winter rains. Then next summer I’m faced with an entirely new river.

  3. Thanks for leaving this comment Ansuman. The article you refered to, and then I did, seems to have been well received. More in that article than meets just the eye I’d say.

    Yes, I’d give more feedback if there were more time in my days. Less sleep is sometimes my solution. I hope readers here will be encouraged to leave comments on your blog to keep the debate going and perhaps to look at things from a different angle.

    That’s the end of that. Better get on…

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