One Celebration is Everybodies Celebration

It has been a day for celebration on the 40th anniversary of being ordained by Rev. Master Jiyu over there at Shasta Abbey. My heart has been singing, my feet have been walking and the outdoors felt like spring! Primroses, Violets, Wild Pansies – here and there Bluebells.

What is it about Rainbows? Rainbows gladden the heart for no reason other than, there they are, lighting up the sky. They are the universe celebrating itself, and in a certain kind of way that’s how today has been. One celebration is everybodies celebration.
This image was caught on camera in Germany a day or so ago.

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12 thoughts on “One Celebration is Everybodies Celebration”

  1. Thanks for what you do, RM Mugo. The merit of your training goes above and beyond.

  2. How wonderful, Rev. Master! November of 1981 was my first visit to the Abbey for an introductory retreat.

    1. 40 years! Congratulations, Mugo, and thank you for making time for your thoughtful guidance this last year.

      In gassho,


  3. Congratulations,Reverend Mugo! What a fortuitous anniversary! You have generously shared the teaching,and every day renewed your vow.Thank you.

  4. Dear Rev Mugo.
    Congratulations, if that’s the word, for your 40 years of training. It lifted my heart to hear your words clearly expressing your joy and coming from the heart. I’m very happy for you. Thank you for all that you continue to give.
    With a bow

  5. Dear Rev. Master Mugo,
    Congratulations! And thank you very much for everything!
    With Bows

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