Onwards to Audio

I’ve been preparing to post audio files and then this afternoon Heather came for tea, and being well versed in matters to do with the internet, set up an account with Odeo for me. This is a free Podcasting service. The recording was made directly from my computer to the web site using a headset with a microphone. Magic!
Press the pink button and wait…

powered by ODEO

Tomorrow morning we will be singing the Shushogi in our first Transfer of Merit Ceremony. The audio file attached to this blog is a reading of the first paragraph of the Shushogi. This piece is often read out as part of the dedication at the start of a Memorial. I’m tempted to talk about it however time is short and I need to get on and prepare for tomorrow.

I believe the sound quality is quite a lot better than a previous audio posting using the telephone. Next will be a recording made on an MP3 player while I walk round the neighbourhood. I think they are called an ‘audio tour’.

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