The Open Hand – Lets Go


Had you ever thought?

That by opening
your hand
your mind might
do the same?


That placing both
opening hands
together might
express the Truth?

Yes, there is something to it. Our hands are designed for doing. They grasp, they manipulate and they generally do our bidding all the day long. We would be lost without our wonderful hands. Look at the hands of a baby or young child. They are open, rarely curled up like the ones of most of us adults. Their hands are learning, ours have learned and are half way there to grasping already.

Young in training we advise people to offer up what ever it is that is troubling, painful or plain stuck. This offering up might include an actual physical act. That would be to open up both hands, palms up, in a gesture of offering. I believe the link between body and mind is ignited/enlivened in this act. Opening hand(s) opening mind. A mind that is open allows space for movement. Brain boxes are more like baskets, both ways permeable. Thus allowing our thoughts to escape quickly. And allowing thoughts to arrise, with less pre judgment.


Palms together? We instruct new people about making the gassho (palms together). What is happening with mind and body when opening palms are placed together in the traditional gesture of prayer? Experiment and listen carefully. There are of course busy hands, and goodness we need them, and then brought together in the gassho this gathers together and settles the mind.

Can busy hands be opening, at the same time?

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2 thoughts on “The Open Hand – Lets Go”

  1. Can busy hands be opening, at the same time?

    Oh I think so. I really think so.

    They may not physically manifest it while they are busy but surely the mind can be an “open hand”?

    Just my little thoughts on the matter.


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