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  1. The tree is dying, hence the supports to hold it up. The rope protects it from insects and disease and also prevents it from sprouting too low down. The hope is that, as the sap rises, it will sprout higher up. There it will benfit from the sun and the rain and (as Hardy says) the energy again, that made it what it was.

    The foliage already appearing on the surrounding trees suggests that this may be to late a hope.

    A bit of an anorack answer to you question but a very moving image. It is touching to see the lenghts someone has gone to to preserve their tree.

    Winding roads and coffee don’t mix. Stick to tea. Taiwan produces the best green tea.


  2. I felt like a naive child hearing the hushed words that “the tree was dying” and that the rope was someones care and attention to preserve its life. It was as if I hadnt recognized the process beacause of the care it was receiving. I sit very humbly at my wooden desk supported on my wooden chair and give thanks. In Gassho Pauline

  3. Thanks John and Pauline. I am struck time and again by the care that is taken to look after trees here in East Asia. I saw it in Japan and China as well as here now in Taiwan. I may have a photo, I’ll have to take a look, taken in Japan which those of you who are interested will see how much people love and venerate trees generally. I’ve come to appreciate Bonsai (spelling!)trees in a new light. Am I right in thinking that it is about the same thing, veneration or honouring the elderly–tree? You see them everywhere, pot plants are big here anyway. All very interesting. I will try and put up some photos of the walk we took two (or three days ago) in the tropical forest in the center of the island. Better get on with emailing.

  4. Hallo Rev. Mugo,

    Lovely commentary and photographs. so glad that amidst all the travel, trials and tribulations, not to forget the joys and gobsmacking wonder of your pilgrimage, you find the time and energy to keep us up to speed with your progress.

    A beautiful, precious tree is being given lots of loving kindness–sums it all up really doesn’t it? Dana takes many forms.

    Looking forward to more on Taiwan and Malaysia.

    Take good care, Brian.

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