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  1. Thanks for the pictures Rev. Mugo! It is so true…and what is really interesting is that I was just looking at my blog from the past weeks and I saw how important the idea of Comapssion has been…I even took a picture in Hamburg of a woman feeding the waterfowl and felt an incredible feeling of compassion for all beings at that moment. Since all the waters touch, as Dogen says, sorrow lets itself be drawn into compassion. Jack

  2. Thanks Jack. I hadn’t visited your site for some time. Lots about compassion there, and photos too. Latter I’ll go back and read some more.

  3. Rather appropriate if not coincidental considering the sea is my art project while here in Cyprus. Drawing/painting the sea is difficult because it constantly moves and changes so much of the time is spent watching it closely. There’s something timeless about this activity.

  4. Glad see you are safely beside the sea, in Cyprus.

    Lovely weather in the Northumberland moors and woodlands to-day.

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