The Pagoda at Kew

This evening my thoughts were taken back to Kew. That’s the Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew by the Thames, London. There, standing ten stories, is a Chinese Pagoda to be viewed from miles around. My first sight of this foreign building, at around age eight, left a lasting impression. It said much and mostly, I realize now, spoke silently of something bigger than myself. Not just physically but ‘otherly’.

The capacity of children to be awed, to stand in wonderment at a sight or sound, to know it and be satisfied is a wonder in itself. And still there remains that capacity in adulthood. I’d think it a sad thing if we were to loose that.

Until a moment ago I’d not made the connection between the pagoda at Kew and Buddhism! Yes, it certainly did make a lasting impression, probably a seed that changed my life.

Seeds just need the right conditions to start growing and that comes in a timely fashion for all.

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3 thoughts on “The Pagoda at Kew”

  1. Is Buddhism a religion? It has always been my understanding that it is not. Is it possible I am even more confused that I thought? By religion I mean deities, judgements, dogma and exclusion of benefits to non adherents and hierarchy. Does one have to believe in a god to be a buddhist? jdl

  2. Hi, Your question is one that many people ask. It is a good one and it deserves more than a yes/no answer. So, I hope you will bear with me and wait until I have the time to write something that will help you, and others, clarify on this matter.

    Thanks for taking the time to post this.

    (my previous comment was removed due to a typo.)

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