Past Times

Very many thanks to all those who have sent cards, via regular mail and e-mail as well as special e-cards. Unfortunately there has not been time to send out greetings this year. The cost, in terms of both time and money, may mean that mass mailings will be a pleasure of the past. So I thought I’d publish a ‘Past Times’ retrospective as a way of offering something. Here below are three cards sent in the past five years, with photos of where I was in 2002 and 2003 when cards were not made. Our collective efforts in 2004 would be a hard act to follow!


2000 – Cornwall, UK. Outside of my trailer home with Julie and Andrew who kindly gave me space on their farm. Louise the cat and Kate the greyhound in her new coat also feature. This was an attempt to offer something a bit different in terms of Buddha’s Enlightenment cards circulating within the Order. I printed around 200 of them using this image. It was a project to be sure! Rev. Saido from Telford Priory took the photo.

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