Pearls of Wisdom 7

Take care not to:

yell at children
make up fantastic stories
speak while angry

My Precepts, from Dewdrops on a Lotus Leaf, Zen Master Ryokan

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4 thoughts on “Pearls of Wisdom 7”

  1. Hello, Rev.Mugo-san,
    I really like all these wooden huts and stone bridges and hedges, etc at your place, especially like this shrine. It reminds me of some small wooden Zendo in Mendocino, Calif., which I happened to visit many many years ago. It’s like although nationalities, places are different, the spirit remains the same for ever. Thank you for your postings of Ryokan words.

  2. I really like the tranquillity of this picture, how the path stones well rooted in the earth showing many passages to and from and the workmanship on the small bridge. There is a certain lushness to the plants that we just do not get here. I really appreciate these excerpts showing the precepts in a different way light to further enhance ones understanding of them.

    In Gassho,

  3. The photographs you’ve posted recently with the Ryokan verses are nice examples of welcoming everyday things with an original eye rather than dismissing them as something already known.

    The quiet reflective nature of your postings are sometimes like a splash of clear, fresh water from Cold Mountain.

    The OBC, Cold Mountain — those are things that I can relate to.

    Jack (at Buddhist Village)

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