People and Their Dogs


Jim and Joanna are my hosts this night. Their Corgi dogs are two sets of pointing ears with bodies attached who dote on Jim, who in turn dotes on them. Bless ’em all.
Jim writes a blog about these remarkable dogs.

The two dogs looked back and forth from me to the merchandise and other shoppers. I am fairly sure I detected some eye rolling on a couple of them. I suppose it is a common reaction to seeing a seedy-looking, sixties-something guy, crooning away to his dogs and wheeling them around the store in a shopping cart. From a post titled, Dog People are Silly

This evening during the meditation group meeting at Seabold Community Center I realized, not for the first time, how very fortunate I am to be invited into the lives of so many interesting, impressive, funny, eloquent people. And their dogs. Who are interesting, impressive, funny and eloquent!

We all have our special qualities which carry a particular charm. There is love in this.

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