Perfectly Pink!

Clearly Mt. Shasta our close neighbour here at Shasta Abbey has moods. And equally clearly people have preferences when it comes to the mood of the mountain. Be that the Alpine Glow of the evening light as below.AlpinglowOr the Perfectly Pink, over the top could pick it up and take it home, look which is one of my favourites. Thanks to the monk who captured these two photographs. And now I’m thinking of a correspondent who wrote recently of her fond memories of the mountain while visiting here some twenty years ago. Fundamentally it is the same mountain, as close as it was back then.

Pink Mountain 2And just as with the mountain and the weather conditions which produce images redolent with feeling, so too with us. We show our moods  in how we appear and in how we respond to those we encounter,  conditioned by our own weather – mental, physical, emotional.

Of late I’ve been holding off a cold and I’m seeing myself responding to hands of concern and voices of sympathy and advice in a somewhat frosty way. The other evening I pulled a face  so unlike me that I even shocked myself! Yes, I guess we would all like to appear as we would wish others to see us. If not perfectly pink at least something close to a glow. And certainly not appear such that others recoil in horror! As happened the other evening.

This post is for a cat who is struggling to live and for her care taker who appeared in my dream last night – her face a saintly glow. Oh and for my patient and caring fellows who can see past appearances. Thank goodness!


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2 thoughts on “Perfectly Pink!”

  1. Thanks for sharing the wonderful photos of Mt. Shasta. The Abbey must be located in a strikingly beautiful spot!
    Wishing you a 2015 full of peace & joy!! <3

    1. Yes, this is a beautiful spot. The mountain itself attracts many people of various religious affiliations. The Abbey was located here because the property and the houses on it were going cheep! It was a former motel located on the old interstate 5 road. Now I5 is a busy full interstate road three lanes each way running along the boundary of the monastery. People think we are in the peaceful mountains. Internally peaceful one would hope however the traffic noise is something to behold! I tuned it out years ago and the noise doesn’t bother me at all.

      Wishing you and yours a peace filled 2015.

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