Pillow Altar

As mentioned previously I took this item as a ‘show and tell’ for the children on Sunday. It proved particularly helpful because the last scripture of the day, before going to bed, is called Peace Upon the Pillow. The chant, repeated three times is Makura Om. Makura means pillow, Om translates as Peace. So the altar provided a link for a singing break, although it was just me singing. We had a go at chanting Om Mani Padme Hum, just me singing again though.

At night pilgrims wrap the altar in clothing and use it as a pillow, thus it is called a Pillow Altar.

This small shrine may well be a representation of a cave shrine in China.


I received a box of high class chocolates by Fed Ex this morning. They were a delayed-in-the-mail gift in celebration of my 25th Ordination Anniversary. The chocolates even had cooler bags packed with them to stop them melting on their way from Santa Cruz. On top of the ribboned box was a card. “Perishable – Don’t Wait! Your box contains handmade, preservative-free fine chocolates. Please open and enjoy within one week“.

There isn’t going to be much peace upon my pillow tonight, that’s for sure!

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2 thoughts on “Pillow Altar”

  1. Chocolates don’t stand a chance in my house either. Our communual will is weak when faced with or favourite temptation.

    I don’t know if I ever congratulated you on your anniversary. If not, congratulations!

    From my selfish point of view, I’m very glad you chose to walk the path you did 25 years ago. I’m so grateful to know you.

    In gassho,

  2. When my wife Brenda and I get chocolates there’s never any danger of them exceeding their shelf life either. And after too many too quickly? The same karmic consequence……we never learn!
    Indulgence – huh?

    Twenty five years, Rev. Mugo? Doesn’t time fly!

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