Plastic Bags in the Pacific

There has been a lot of buz about supermarket plastic bags where I’m staying to-night in Preston, Lancashire.

If you’re interested you might want to try searching on ‘Banish the plastic bag’ to find an article at on the growing campaign to stop the use of plastic shopping bags. The whole business was inspired by a young wildlife camerawoman whose outrage at the pollution of the Pacific ocean marine life by plastic bags led to shops in Modbury Devon stopping using them.

Manchester tomorrow. It will be good to spend a day in ‘my city’.

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6 thoughts on “Plastic Bags in the Pacific”

  1. Hi Rev. Mugo

    I’ve just recently stumbled across your little corner of the web and I’m loving it already, I can see myself spending a goodly amount of time enjoying your travels! Enjoy your day in Manchester (incidentally ‘my city’ as well).

    In gassho,

  2. An interesting quote from that Guardian article:

    “It’s very difficult to find anyone opposing a change. They almost want the change from plastic to be imposed on them, they want someone to take the lead”.

    I like the idea of leadership as being a quality which enables something that’s already there to be realized and acted upon.

  3. Dear Rev. Mugo,

    I just saw your comment on my bookmark blog post “Lighter Side to Zen”. Thanks for stopping by and you’re most welcome for the link to your blog. I was just up at Throssel Hole actually for the Introductory Retreat weekend and I thought I passed you by in the cloister… but looking at your recent posts, perhaps you weren’t actually there while I was? I had a lovely time and saw all the rabbits you mentioned in a post!!
    Best wishes, Elrond

  4. San Francisco, ‘my city’, outlawed the use of plastic bags by grocery stores. this happened in march. now in am in a place where nobody every heard of such a thing. i have a large collection of scruffy canvas bags that i carry in my car. now and then i actually remember to bring them into the store. if the cashier looks perplexed, i say it’s the wave of the future. it’s hip. one of the grocery chains began selling ‘green bags’ for re-use recently. old ways die hard.

  5. A lot of comments to respond to and unfortunately I’m not able to do that right now. So, thanks one and all and hopefully tomorrow I’ll have some time.

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