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This is how our trip over the mountains and back looked like day before yesterday. At ‘B’ we took a tourist boat to the small island on the right, Anakapa, in the Channel Islands.

And this is what we saw soon after getting out of harbour….
Thanks to Wikipedia and the photographer for this picture of the Common Dolphin.

Being witness to these joyful creatures as they arched in and out of the waters as they collectively rounded up breakfast was quite something else. And then all of the excitement as they and a flock of Brown Pelicans tucked in. Later we cruised along the coast of Anacapa a volcanic Island being told about Kelp Forests and sea caves, ship wrecks and a French hermit who lived there for 25 years. Many sights, sounds (those Sea Lions can bark up a storm) and smells to get attention.

On the drive home we stopped off for a hot drink and this poster caught my eye.


There are very many more than two sides to every story and while California has plenty of everything it’s worth remembering that there is indeed plenty of EVERYTHING.

No time to respond to the comments because I’m driving out of this part of the world this morning heading to Santa Cruz where at least one reader will be waiting for me to take photographs of the SURFERS. Right Pascal?

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