A Point of View

Monks re-pointing the brickwork on a chimney called down to me. There is a great view from up here, make a great picture. By the time I had changed into trousers and fetched my camera the mist and rain had closed in and the view was almost obscured. Coming down off the roof, carefully, I then went for a walk on the bottom road. The valley was grey and the world appeared flat. The camera saw it differently.

A monk of our Order wrote an article for our in-house Journal about Training in the Grey World of Doubt and Despair which Lions Gate Buddhist Priory has reproduced. (I see a part 2 of the article but no part 1 unfortunately). I hope what is said will inspire you, as it has a number of people.

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2 thoughts on “A Point of View”

  1. “.. yet I have spent years living in anticipation of her pain”

    This reminds me of something Rev Alina was saying about external standards (MP3 ‘Expectation’ on the Throssel site), and that if you look closely they don’t really exist.

    I think a lot of my life is shaped by these invisible-assumptions. Whether it be external standards or anticipation that the past will repeat itself.

    There’s a poster on the ceiling of my dentist right above the chair: “Don’t tell me to relax, it’s the tension that’s holding me together”.

    I sometimes wonder whether the tension serves only to hold itself together.

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