Pointing Towards the Fruition of Buddhahood

The chimneys
The chimneys

Glad to get out for a walk with my long-time monastic walking companion. We set off with the sun shining out of a blue sky with the wind behind us. Striding out we had a brief Dharma debate on the meaning of renunciation and worldy. What exactly do we understand when we use these words in Buddhism? Fairly quickly the conversation moved on to other things.

Anyway more thoughts on the subject will have to wait until tomorrow when I’ll launch into the first of the ‘Ten Decisions’. The first being….Renounce the worldly.

Buddhas know that, within a disciple’s patience and equanimity born from resolute faith, the Ten Decisions will point the Buddhist trainee towards the fruition of Buddhahood….
From Buddhist Writings, Shasta Abbey Press

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