The Power Of Kindness and Sympathy

This morning I received a brief email from somebody simply saying, It will all work out. This was in response to my apologetic email. Yesterday I’d bungled a communication where I was not clear about what I’d said. This lead to an assumption that the answer was NO when it was actually YES! Such bungles happen with the best will in the world. Kindness coming our way changes us on a fundamental level.

And then Dave R. left this response to yesterdays post on grief. Thank you as always for your reflections. They have a power – for the good.

It seems to me that when someone we know dies a part of us dies; all opportunities to experience with that person end. Yet part of them live on in us that remain as we will live on in others.

Looking back I see that I am no longer the child, teenager or young man that I was; each has passed. I continue to change. And there is grieving not for the loss of those years but for what might have been in them yet could not be. And all the people I once knew in those years have passed too, not all into death but they are not unchanged. We share such a short time in life as it arises and passes and yet so much takes place.

Expressing kindness and sympathy are an expression of generosity of spirit. The power is the power to ignite that generosity in others.

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One thought on “The Power Of Kindness and Sympathy”

  1. These things speak to the heart in ways that the brain cannot always comprehend.

    What you had to say in Lancaster spoke to my heart and I thank you for that.


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