A Private Practice

It is so easy to lose perspective and forget where ‘up’ actually is. So the little chap in the middle of this cartoon is pointing to a really helpful life tool. And I am not talking about the rainbow!

A woman who I hold in high regard told me about the mental and emotional benefits of raising ones arm and pointing UP. When I first did this in her presence she said that’s not up. Indeed it wasn’t, it was up’ish!
Sometimes when all is misery me or earth earth, as one of our scriptures says, I take a moment and point up and mentally follow where my hand is pointing.
Does wonders, try it why not. This is a private practice incidentally.

Note: This image is a scan of a card sent me by an old sangha friend and blog reader. Very many thanks.

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2 thoughts on “A Private Practice”

  1. One of my students at the bank put a smiley face on the ceiling above her desk. When she feels really down and stressed by work and leaning over her desk to look at her computer screen, she has learned to tilt back and look up at the smiley and stretch with her arms, good for body and mind! Another good idea!


  2. Thanks Jack. Yes, another skillful way to bring oneself back to where you are, and to look up.

    And I just inserted a new, and improved, image on this posting. Many thanks to the Reverend who know how to do image editing, and who is willing to offer his time to do it.

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