Pug Crawl on Whyte

Jazzie and Maggie mai bring smiles where ever they go.

Those who had their eyes downcast on Whyte Ave. in deep thought or perhaps troubled thought got an unexpected treat this afternoon. These two characters steadily snuffling and wheezing their way down the sidewalk ignited smiles and all around happiness. May I pet them? A young woman asked. Oh yes, replied Mike their person. They would be offended if you didn’t! So even if ones habit is to have ones eyes, and mind, downcast there is always a chance you will meet something that causes you to be uplifted.

Thanks to Mike and the girls for a wonderful Pug crawl on Whyte on a rare warm afternoon in Autumnal Edmonton.

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2 thoughts on “Pug Crawl on Whyte”

  1. They truly enjoyed the stroll as well (even though Jazzy was a little peaked side when done) as did I. It was very good to be able to speak to you again in person! The picture did turn out quite nicely as you said. Thank you for your words of support and teaching.

  2. Yes, our time walking and talking and dealing with the dogs and drinkin tea was indeed good. We will have to do that again some time.

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