Pushing the River

Rivers flow. They can gush, trickle, meander, rush and tumble. And sometimes they hardly seem to move at all.

The other day somebody made the following observation. Speaking softly and assuming I would understand, she said Humm, pushing the river.

I understood!

In the same conversation she said she understood ‘refraining’ as being like one long continuous note playing in the background. Rather than a string of staccato commands, which are hard on the ears and often harsh on the heart.

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One thought on “Pushing the River”

  1. I think it is part of our life force to have a certain level of desire and so there is always some trying to control the river. I used to try to control too hard and of course paid the price in many ways. Ah well we can but try our best.

    I like the thought of refraining as a long note. Interestingly in music a refrain is a repeated phrase. Curious and lovely is language.

    Thanks for a posting which does indeed speek to me Rev. Mugo

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