Rattling In The Boot

Gotta rattling in the boot (trunk). It’s heavy, it’s big (and very very useful). But. It is getting late, getting dark, temperature’s dropping. Driving on, driving.

It’s heavy. The neighbour will lift it. I’m fairly sure the neighbour will lift it. Take it to the kitchen. I’m so happy to have it. Of COURSE the neighbour will lift it.

Nope. No one in. Nobody to lift it.

I lifted it. Carried it. Took it to the kitchen. What is it? A microwave oven!

There is an ever present rhythm in us. Beating out it’s beat. It’s with us constantly but sometimes it misses beats, flutters, speeds up, slows down. And sometimes stops – then starts again. Heart beat. Breathing beat. Waking, sleeping, walking beat. Rhythms. For the most part they go unnoticed until they change, or are changed. Or the presence of rhythm is heard. How did I miss the beat!

This post is for all those very many people, some I know, who every day do not know if there will be another one when they close their eyes.

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2 thoughts on “Rattling In The Boot”

  1. just checking again after returning from my first trip to Japan this year. it was my first time to be in Japan in February in many, many years. but, i went not for my love of being in Japan but for the love of my Family there…although not related by blood or marriage but by chance, timing, “en” (Japanese for all things connected). without going into too many details my friend’s Father has been confined to a bed in a hospital (in hospital?) since Christmas Day. he has Alzheimer’s and came down with pneumonia around Christmas. his hands were originally constrained to keep him from removing his oxygen mask and IV tube. and then a decision was made for a tube to be inserted into his stomach so he could receive food/nutrition. his hands remain constrained to keep him from interfering with his feeding tube (there has got to be a better word for feeding tube but i can’t think of it now)
    it was about 2 weeks ago that my friend’s Mother found out she was to be hospitalized for cataract surgery (both eyes). i knew my friend would be feeling overwhelmed (more overwhelmed) so i decided to surprise her and her Family with a pre-cherry blossom visit to see if i could help out. it was an honour to spend time with my friend as she cared for her Father in the hospital. her Mother’s surgery went smoothly and she retuned without incident after about 5 days in the hospital. and if all goes well, her Father will return home within the next couple of weeks while my return there will hopefully be within the month or so but definitely before the first cherry blossom blooms. i do not know if my friend’s Father knows or thinks about his next day but i do know he wants to return home . . . and maybe that is enough.

    ps. i do not own a microwave nor do i own a car.
    ps2. if you get a chance, check out my blog as i added an interesting thing i heard about being human.

  2. Your dedication touched my heart and generated merit for all those people — really all of us isn’t it…. Also reminds me to pause and appreciate every moment now present. Many thanks, and wish I could have helped you lift the microwave.

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