Yes, who ever you are and what ever you do having some overt recognition isn’t nothing. It’s not like one does things in order to receive applause, far from it. So when recognition comes the appropriate response is to bow (inwardly) and accept with grace and gratitude. Then move on.

Before I move on here is a link to a site where Jade was listed as one of 20 top religious blogs of 2014. Thank you Theology Degrees. Jade was one of two Buddhist blogs in the whole world to be listed. How kind of you to look kindly on this internet space.

And then there is Zen College Life which lists the 50 best Buddhism Blogs. There are some brilliant Buddhist blogs listed there and I’m suitable honoured to be part of the list.

Thank you one and all. I’ll not let this go to my head!

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7 thoughts on “Recognition”

  1. Sorry to be so late in offering congratulations. You certainly deserve recognition for this lovely blog. With bows…..

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