Reference Ryokan

for posts
has been slow

to my books
Ryokan to the

So returning to Ryokan – ah, balm for the heart and mind.

Beware of:
talking a great deal
talking too fast
volunteering information when not asked
giving gratuitous advice
talking up your own accomplishments
breaking in before others have finished speaking
trying to explain to others something you don’t understand yourself
starting on a new subject before you’ve finished with the last one
insisting on getting in the last word
making glib promises
repeating yourself, as old people will do
talking with your hands
speaking in an affectedly offhand manner reporting in detail on affairs that have nothing to do with anything
reporting on every single thing you see or hear

From a list of ninety Admonitory Words which Ryokan may have written for himself. Good reminders all around I’d say.

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4 thoughts on “Reference Ryokan”

  1. Couldn’t be put more simply….and effectively. A good way to be present with others. The Precepts in action. To me, it boils down to don’t get ahead of this moment.

    In gassho, Jim R.

  2. Not only present with others, present with oneself! As you know I am quite focused on right speech/conduct vis the precepts currently. So this was a great bit of Ryokan to bump into when, to be honest, I was lost for something to write about.

  3. I have done all of these things a time or two. (Ryokan is fast becoming my favorite poet of any era or language. Thanks so for much for this posting.)

  4. So glad that these words touched a cord with you Jeannine. They did with me…now I just need to print out that post and keep it for a reminder. Ryokan can be returned to over and over again. It doesn’t need to be overtly Buddhist either to touch a spot.

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