Refurbished Attitude

In this world there are people who think to check the wiring of the plug before throwing a lifeless vacuum cleaner away. They will take a machine apart, put it back together and it will work again. They do not complain or make a big fuss when the brushes or bearings need replacing. No, they go and find another identical appliance in a skip down a side street, and take it home to their workshop. This person will strip it down for parts and enjoy every moment. They derive pride and pleasure in getting an old machine back on it’s feet again, when others like me with less faith, and little knowledge, would have given it up for dead.

An interest can become a full time occupation, a passion that becomes a way of life and a way to make a living too. Who could ask for more? So people with such a passion open shops selling electrical appliances and offer a repair service for old machines. Where ever they find themselves in life, at work, at home, working within organizations – religious organizations, they end up mending things. But first their talents need to be discovered.

I’m glad to say I made such a discovery, completely by accident, within our midst in the monastery. Dave (not his real name) volunteered his story over a broken Junior Hoover 1334 upright vacuum cleaner on Monday last. The Junior Hoover is mended now, it was just faulty wiring in the plug and the fuse had fallen out. Dave has agreed to teach me all he knows about vacuum clearner maintenance and repair.

Know-how needs to be passed on, and people passionate about vacuum cleaners like to share their knowledge and passion with others. From now on I’ll be regarding old machines with a whole lot more respect, and regarding older people with a refurbished attitude.

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One thought on “Refurbished Attitude”

  1. Your metaphor is subtle. I like it. Now when I push the vacuum around I’ll think about cleaning up karma. (smile)


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